Take a walk

I used to want you so bad..

Those feelings got me looking so crazy, your love got me looking so crazy.  I can’t deny that I want you, but I’ll lie if I have to..cause I can’t  handle this anymore. I’m not that girl anymore, I used to smile even when you lied to me. I love the way you lie.

I wish I could believe you again…but I’m much too   full of resentment.Loving you was easy once upon a time. As much as I wann trust you, I know it ain’t  the same.. and it’s all because you lied.

But I’m walikng in new shoes now, and I walk these roads with grace. I know that one day my dreams will come true.unu



parucinciTrench de blugi, camaşă de blugi şi o fustă neagră- efectul dorit.


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